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Friday, October 30, 2009

WEATHER: Friday 103009

October Daily Weather Report
Hallo Bay * Homer

Weather Conditions: Mostly sunny,
temps mid 20s - lower 30s, N wind 15 to 30 mph
Actual Sunrise: 9:37 AM AKDT
Actual Sunset: 6:30 PM AKDT
Civil Twilight Sunrise: 8:52 AM
Civil Twilight Sunset: 7:14 PM
Moon Rise: 5:10 PM
Moon Set: 5:50 AM

Weather Conditions: Mostly Sunny
Visibility: 10.0 miles
Ceiling: Unlimited
Wind: N 10 - 25mph
Wind Gusts: N 35mph along Inlet
Predicted Temp: mid 30'sF to low 40'sF ~ -1.11c to 4.44c
Barometric Pressure: 29.56 Falling
Humidity: 58%
Homer Webcams
Actual Sunrise: 9:23 AM AKDT
Actual Sunset: 6:15 PM AKDT
Civil Twilight Sunrise: 8:38 AM
Civil Twilight Sunset: 6:59 PM
Moon Rise: 4:55 PM
Moon Set: 5:34 AM
Moon: Waxing Gibbous, 90% of Moon illuminated
Length of Visible Daylight: 10h 20m
Length of Day: 8h 52m
Tomorrow will be 5m 6s shorter
Have a Safe Day!
This date in Alaska History: October 30, 1938 -
The cornerstone was laid at the Shrine of St. Terese on Shrine Island, near Juneau.
Aurora Forecast: Low (2)
Meteor Showers: November
> South Taurids, Nov 2-4, 10/20 hrly, S 1 to 3AM, Very slow, bright
> North Taurids, Nov 12-14, 10/20 hrly, S 12 to 2AM, Slow fireballs
> Leonids, Nov 17-18, 25/50 hrly, S/SE 4 to 6AM, Very swift

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