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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wanderlust World Guide Awards 2012: Nomination

We hope you will consider joining us
in nominating Simyra Taback-Hlebechuk
to the "Wanderlust World Guide Awards"
if you believe she would qualify.


Information about Simyra:
strongly supports the Homer Animal Shelter providing 7 guided bear tours for their fundraising efforts which are used to provide additional care for the homeless animals.

Simyra has given her time willingly to the Girl Scouts "Women In Science" program.

Simyra has donated 10 days of her time working and company facilities to document 150 new lichen species into the Katmai National Park plant inventory.

Simyra Bio Page

Simyra, Alaska Leave No Trace (LNT) Master Educator

Simyra's Presentation at WildlifeXpo in London last October

Simyra serves on the Board of Directors of the 500 member non-profit Kenai Peninsula Tourism Marketing Council KPTMC

Thank You
for your consideration.

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