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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weather: Thursday, 02.16.12

February Weather Report
Hallo Bay * Homer

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Lat/Lon: 59.7° N 151.5° W
Weather Conditions:   Overcast with chance of snow and rain. Lows: 32F (0.0c) with windchill of 16F (-8.9c). Highs: 36F (2.2c) with windchill of 19F (-7.2c)   
Visibility:   1.8 miles  
Ceiling:   1,700'  
Wind:   NE 15 to 25 mph, with gusts to 40 mph. Tonight becoming ENE 5 to 15 mph, with gusts to 30 mph  

Barometric Pressure:   29.41 Falling  
Outside Humidity:   93%  

Tigger Forecast:   predicts rainy, cold weather, now begging for kitty treats!
Actual Sunrise:   8:40 AM AKST  
Actual Sunset:   6:00 PM  
Civil Twilight Sunrise:   7:57 AM  
Civil Twilight Sunset:   6:42 PM  
Moon Rise:   5:45 AM  
Moon Set:   12:03 PM  
Moon:   Waning Crescent, 26% of Moon illuminated  
Length of Visible Daylight:   10h 46m  

Length of Day:   9h 19m  
Tomorrow will be 5m 7s longer      
THIS DATE IN ALASKA HISTORY:  February 16, 1851 -
Lieutenant J. J. Barnard of the British Navy was killed at Nulato while on a search for the lost Arctic explorer, Sir John Franklin. "Searching for the missing explorer along the Bering Sea coastline, Lieutenant Franklin heard rumors of white men around the village of Nulato; up the Yukon River. Barnard and the rest of his search party traveled to Nulato to investigate but discovered the rumors were just that; rumors. The search party spent the night at the Russian trading post in Nulato before heading back to their ship. That evening, a group of hostile Koyokuk Indians attacked the village and trading post killing Lieutenant Barnard and most of the Nulato Indians. This has come to be known as the Nulato Massacre." (source) /more: Northwest Passage and Canadian Arctic Archipelago and Nulato History      
AURORA FORECAST:   Quiet (1)  

METEOR SHOWERS:   Lyrids: April 21~22  

58º 34’10.10 N, 153º 53’57.58 W

Weather Conditions:   Mostly cloudy with chance of rain and snow. Lows: 36F (2.2c), with windchill of 27F (-2.8c). Highs: 41F (5c). Wind ENE 15 to 20 mph, with gusts to 35 mph. Tonight becoming E 10 to 25 mph with gusts to 30 mph  
Actual Sunrise:   8:55 AM AKST  
Actual Sunset:   6:15 PM  
Civil Twilight Sunrise:   8:12 AM  
Civil Twilight Sunset:   6:58 PM  
Moon Rise:   6:00 AM  
Moon Set:   10:20 PM  
Have a Safe Day!

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