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Friday, March 19, 2010

Guns Allowed in National Parks

Guns in National Parks
Last May, we posted about the issue of Guns in our National Parks - sadly, this news has become law of the land. We are saddened by this new law, and find it extremely dangerous.

To find out more about this new law:
Anchorage Daily News
Firearms now allowed in most national parks
Shooting worries officials, but discharge of guns is still against law

New law allows loaded guns in national parks
But firearms must be allowed by state where park is located

Washington Post
Federal government to lift restrictions on guns in national parks

NPS.GOV (Alaska)
New Firearms Law for Alaska National Parks

OUR PHILOSOPHY: (our YouTube Video)
Stop Bear Hunting Around Alaska's Brown Bear Havens

Hunting 1


  1. thank you for the info - this is a stupid law - bad for animals and humans - like your video

  2. Most hunters I know believe this is bad

  3. General public should NOT be allowed to carry any firearms in our National Parks ~ and those professionals that are allowed to carry weapons, should only be allowed to do so for specific reasons dictated by National Parks + any and all discharge of a weapon be fully investigated, with stiff fines and/or prison time being the result if there is the death of an animal (as human death is moot). This new law is a bad situation waiting to happen ---