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Friday, May 28, 2010

Camp Update: 05.28.10 by Brad

gray paw Camp Update from Brad:

"Beautiful weather, the stuff dreams are made of." All guest cabins are up, painted, furnished, and awaiting our guests. The galley is fully functional and running well...Camp Cook: Phaedra is happy about that! There was a bear interested in the waterline running to Camp, and the leak was discovered when Brad pumped water and had himself a nice surprise shower - yes, it has been securely fixed...darn ol' playful bears!

No white wolf yet, but plenty of wolf prints. Moose have been seen on the beach, and this is about the time their antlers start to grow. We've seen bears doing a lot of clamming in the tidal flats. According to our pilots, about the only bear activity along Katmai Coast is located around Camp. Out on the beach, we've even had a bear out by the windsock playing with the buoy! (hopefully my photo will turn out okay)

Our famous Camp Mailbox had a bit of a rough winter, but it has been spruced up for our new Season. It is beautiful here.

paw line 1

Step away from the rest of the world,
...to Hallo Bay!

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