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Friday, May 21, 2010

WEATHER: Friday 05.21.10

May Daily Weather Report
Hallo Bay * Homer

Homer Webcams

HALLO BAY (observed weather from Camp: 08:00am)
Crew went out to Camp May 18 & are in process of setup!
Latitude 58.34.063 * Longitude 153.54.052
Weather Conditions: Cloudy
Visibility: 35 miles
Wind: 3 mph out of ENE
Wind Gusts: to 5 mph
Current Temp: -----º F
High Daytime Temp Yesterday: -----º F
Barometric Pressure: -------- and ------
Outside Humidity: ---%
Rainfall: 0.00 Total inches last 24 hours
Rainfall: 0.00 Total inches for May
Rainfall: 0.00 Total inches since May 21, 2010
Observed Sea Swell off Beach: Calm to 1.0 feet
Actual Sunrise: 5:32 AM AKDT
Actual Sunset: 11:04 PM AKDT
Civil Twilight Sunrise: 4:25 AM
Civil Twilight Sunset: 12:12 AM
Moon Rise: 3:02 PM
Moon Set: 3:26 AM
Moon: First Quarter, 61% of Moon illuminated
Length of Visible Daylight: 19h 46m
Length of Day: 17h 31m
Tomorrow will be 4m 7s longer
John F. A. Strong was appointed the 8th governor of Alaska, the first man appointed to the position after Alaska became a territory. In 1918, soon after he was reappointed to the office, he was asked to resign when it was disclosed that he was still a Canadian citizen

Tigger Forecast: when she feels like providing it

Lat/Lon: 59.7° N 151.5° W

Weather Conditions: TODAY: Partly cloudy. Highs in the lower 50F to mid 60F (10c to 18.3c) except in the upper 60F (18.9c) inland. Wind SW 10 to 15 mph with gusts to 20 mph along the inlet in the afternoon TONIGHT: Increasing clouds. Lows in the mid 30F to lower 40F (1.7c to 4.4c). Wind SW 15 mph. Gusts to 25 mph along the inlet during the evening
Actual Sunrise: 5:16 AM AKDT
Actual Sunset: 10:49 PM AKDT
Civil Twilight Sunrise: 4:09 AM
Civil Twilight Sunset: 11:58 PM
Moon Rise: 2:46 PM
Moon Set: 3:11 AM
Have a Safe Day!

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(computer problems-sorry for weather delay)

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