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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Simyra Taback

World Guide:  "Special Awards"

We sometimes hear about very special guides who may not get nominated by the public, yet fully deserve to be recognised. These could be guides who have had a long and influential career, inspiring other guides on the way. They may be guides who have had to deal with a crisis, and have done so in such a way, that the clients haven't even been aware of the degree of the problem. It may be someone who whose work has really helped the community around them. It may be someone who has really gone beyond the call of duty, and deserves an accolade. So, this year, we want to give an extra award on the night to an undersung hero who has been nominated by you, the experts in the travel industry.

If you have a nomination please send it to topguide@wanderlust.co.uk, with "Special Award" and the guide's name in the subject line, giving us as much information as possible on why this guide should be lauded. Closing date 31 May 2011.

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