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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Visiting Fox! ©BGarasky

Hallo Bay Bear Camp
Visiting Fox!

CAMP UPDATE:  from Brad...
I was standing at the point when this little guy came from the beach up the trail to camp. He paused momentarily between me and mailbox then proceeded on into camp where he spent some time checking out every nook and cranny. After a thorough investigation of everything, it was back down the trail to continue his trek northward up the beach.

SPECIAL NOTE:  the other day Brad was doing some work around camp and the magpies were causing a real ruckus.  Turns out the camp chairs, out by the point, were knocked down the incline by a playful wolf. (or maybe it was a wolf version of feng shui?!!) The chairs are back in their proper place for viewing out at the point, and remain untouched by critter paws!

Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Species:  Red Fox Vulpes vulpes
Species: Arcitc Fox  Alopex lagopus

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