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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bears + Camp Update from Brad


Brad went out this morning to gather driftwood off the beach so he and Joyce can stay warm 'n dry and that's when he noticed that he had quite an audience:  wolves, bears, harbor seals - plus a couple of eagles that are nesting out on the rock.  The eagles spend a lot of time flying back 'n forth to Beaver Creek gathering up small fish to feed the little ones in their nest. (see eagle pics in a post below) We call it Beaver Creek because that's the creek that the beaver like to dam up!  This is also the same creek where we see a family of river otters living and playing.  Joyce mentioned that she thinks there is a little bunny rabbit somewhere nearby her tent cabin and now we know why the fox has been seen around camp lately.  Yes, this is the same fox that DeWaine likes to call "Brad's red dog" ...run bunny....hide!

Because today is pretty wet out at camp, and the crew is doing other things, we've posted a couple of Chris Anderson's archive pics.  We hope you enjoy our view!

Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Species:  Brown Bear  Ursus Arctos
Species:  Wolf  Canis lupus
Harbor Seal  Phoca vitulina
Species:  River Otter  Lutra canadensis
Species:  Bald Eagle  Haliaeetus leucocephalus
Species:  Red Fox  Vulpes vulpes
Species:  Alaska Hare  Lepus othus

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