A Great Trip Needs An Extraordinary Destination ...Hallo Bay? ABSOLUTELY

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Red Fox at Camp! ©BGarasky

Brad's Lil' Buddy! (spring 2011)

Lil' Buddy at Tomahawk Target

In front of Simyra's Cabin (spring 2011)

Always Watchful!

Beside Cabin #2 - looking for the camp bunny!

A look back on early spring at Camp
This area is very lush with vegetation
in mid-June. If you watch our weather report
you'll see long daylight hours.
Perfect for viewing all types of critters
out at Hallo Bay Bear Camp
Katmai National Park, Alaska
- - -
Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Species: RED FOX Vulpes vulpes
- - -

"I can enjoy society in a room;
but out of doors,
nature is company enough for me"


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