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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter News...

Winter News...
and some other odd 'n ends!
Hello To All Our Wonderful Viewers:

During the winter months, our blog will have many different faces. Sometimes we will post photos of winter around our homestead and what it looks like to live in Alaska. Sometimes we'll post nature photos of this last season as a reminder of the critters and landmarks we dearly love out at Hallo Bay Bear Camp.  Also, we'll include some new photos that haven't been posted before, which should be a treat for everybody. 

Our webcams:
Homer Spit-cam and Birdfeeder-cam

Should operate as intended, bringing you a realtime view of what it looks like outside our window.  Other times, due to inclimate weather, one or both webcams can stop working.  Please know that we are always trying to fix whatever the problem is, and sometimes a webcam has to be sent off to the "webcam hospital" for a week or two. Regardless, we know how much these webcams mean to you and we diligently work to keep them operating continually.   

Something New:
Living in Alaska, one is bound to have many interesting experiences, so we hope to bring you some interesting and humorous stories.  If you have been out to camp with us and have an interesting story, please send it to us and we'll consider posting it here.  In the meantime, Clint has promised to tell us a tale or two, but our first story adventure will be with Karen Cauble (Skyline Rooms For Rent).  This is a wonderful true story: "Big Mama, Ginger and Me" and we hope you find it as delightful as we did.

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