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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bear Spirit Names

Spirit Names

In many cultures, the bear was looked upon with such reverence that members of the culture were not allowed to speak the word for "bear". Instead, they referred to the animal with varied and creative euphemisms. These euphemisms are related here. The general catagory refers to names that were wide-spread through several native American groups. Many cultures found a spiritual kinship with the bears, and speaking the name of the animal would bring swift retribution from the gods.
  • Angry One (Cree)
  • The Animal (Michikaman)
  • Apple of the Forest (Finn)
  • Big Great Food (Cree)
  • Big Hairy One (Blackfoot)
  • Black Food (Cree)
  • Broadfoot (Estonian)
  • Dark Thing (Koyukon)
  • Divine One Who Rules the Mountains (Ainu)
  • Dweller in the Wilds (Ostyak)

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