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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Polar Bear: Banana Split Group ©Rod Phillips

The Banana Split Group

We met at the Victoria Inn Winnipeg,
a group from around the world

And as Simyra gave out her Briefing,
so our life stories were unfurled

It was time for the Calm Air Flight,
“Your priority bags go first”

And to ensure we had our essentials,
those bags were fit to burst.

Now some priority bags did arrive,
but many stayed behind

So Churchill’s clothing and footwear stores,
many then had to find.

“Hey, get back in the f…cking van right now,
the ten feet rule applies!

There are bears that roam around here,
we don’t want to loose any lives!”

That was Simyra giving us instructions,
“Don’t let the damn door go!”

Her delicate style of Management
was starting to slowly show.

We had three bed and breakfast locations,
Simyra shared with Susanne

And poor Scott was with three women
and was the only man.

The remainder of us stayed with Gord and Lynn
and Elvis their lovely cat

And we managed each night to keep them up late,
with lots of idle chat.

There was Jack the Phoenix fireman,
who leads workshops near and far

And Bill and John from Hawaii,
who went off to find the Bar

There was Harry the ex-Richmond copper,
with his lovely wife called Tay

And sheets of ice that kept drifting,
in and out of the Bay

Andrew and Michelle our Ozzie camera enthusiasts,
were fun to have about

And Leader Simyra with van door instructions,
that you could clearly here her shout.

Susanne was our principle Cheffette,
organising our daily food

And if you got out of the van too early,
Simyra would be in a mood

“Bic-Pen” person Gail,
believed in positive thinking
when trying to seek out Polar Bears

Whilst the Bear Patrol in town,
on finding them,
would be ready to discharge their flares.

Dana and Debbie are sisters,
Sisters of Mercy, they both are

And did I mention Bill and John,
they’re probably still at the Bar.

We mustn’t forget poor Scott,
many years working at the Mines

And for his sins each evening,
sits alone with the “girls” and dines

And as for me,
should you wonder,
I enjoy a Banana Split

But after you had kept feeding me them,
all I wanted to do is ….. sh .t !

We’ve seen Polar Bears and Foxes,
Ptarmigan and so much more

And I won’t go on much longer,
for fear of becoming a bore

But Thank-you every-one so much,
for making my week such fun

And you’ll be pleased to know right now,
this verse is nearly done

But a “Special Thanks, Simyra”
for a really wonderful week

And I hope I haven’t offended anyone
for having too much cheek

And now I’ll sign off quickly,
with hope once more we all can meet

To recall our memories with fondness
and a banana-split for me to eat.

Written by Rod Phillips
6th.November 2009.
On The Last Evening
Hallo Bay Churchill Polar Bear Adventure.

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  1. Sounds like this was a fun group to be with! Very funny poem - thx for posting - really made me laugh