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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The 10 Rules For Visiting Alaska!

The 10 Rules For Visiting Alaska

My accumulation of 25 years of watching visitors make the same mistakes over and over again has led me to list 10 basic rules to assist a visitor better prepare for their Alaska Adventure:


1) DoPurchase Travel Insurance.

2) DoLeave at least one day open between reserved tours.

3) DoMake your reservations well in advance. (7-9+ months is good)

4) DoMap out the distances between your activities and consider the time you will need to spend traveling between points.

5) DoResearch Alaska Department of Fish and Game information pages.

6) DoSpeak with your tour company's wilderness guide to get a clear understanding of what is offered and what your expectations are.

7) DoChoose one primary Region of Alaska for each visit,  i.e. The Kenai Peninsula for example.

8) DoContact the Kenai Peninsula Tourism Marketing Council for accurate Regional information.


9) Do NotGeneralize Alaska information: i.e. salmon runs for example, as the various Regions throughout Alaska and even individual rivers within those regions can vary tremendously, which affects the fishing and the bear viewing. Vested, knowledgeable local guides are your best source of accurate information here.

10) Do NotAttempt to see the entire State of Alaska in one 10 day trip.

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