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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Weather: Thursday 10.13.11

October Daily Weather Report
Hallo Bay * Homer

Webcams:  Live 24/7

Homer~Kachemak Bay
Homer Birdcam 


Lat/Lon: 59.7° N 151.5° W
Weather Conditions:   Cloudy with a chance of light rain and snow in the morning. Then partial clearing in the afternoon. Rain around Kachemak Bay after midnight. Elsewhere, cloudy with a chance of rain. Lows in the 30F (-1.1c). Highs in the mid 40F to lower 50F (7.2c to 10c)   
Visibility:   10 miles  
Ceiling:   8,000'  
Wind:   S 10 to 15 mph, tonight E10 to 15 mph, except SE 10 to 25 mph around Kachemak Bay   

Barometric Pressure:   30.00 Falling  
Outside Humidity:   73%  

Tigger Forecast:   helping Clint with making coffee + watching birdfeeder!
Actual Sunrise:   8:39 AM AKDT  
Actual Sunset:   7:03 PM AKDT  
Civil Twilight Sunrise:   7:58 AM  
Civil Twilight Sunset:   7:45 PM  
Moon Rise:   6:57 PM  
Moon Set:   11:06 AM  
Moon:   Waning Gibbous, 98% of Moon illuminated  
Length of Visible Daylight:   11h 46m  

Length of Day:   10h 23m  
Tomorrow will be 5m 18s shorter      
THIS DATE IN ALASKA HISTORY:   October 13, 1960 -
Alaska Methodist University was dedicated at Anchorage. It is now Alaska Pacific University   
AURORA FORECAST:   Quiet (1)  

METEOR SHOWERS:   Orionids: October 21~22  

58º 34’10.10 N, 153º 53’57.58 W

Weather Conditions:   Patchy morning fog. Rain likely, possibly mixed with morning snow at times in the inland areas. Little or no snow accumulation. Tonight rain. Lows in the upper 30F to mid 40F (2.2c to 7.2c) coolest inland. Afternoon highs in the mid 40F to lower 50F (7.2c to 10c). Wind S 10 to 20 mph, with gusts to 30 mph along capes and through channeled terrain. Then tonight SE 15 to 30 mph, with gusts to 45 mph along capes and through channeled terrain   
Actual Sunrise:   8:54 AM AKDT  
Actual Sunset:   7:18 PM AKDT  
Civil Twilight Sunrise:   8:13 AM  
Civil Twilight Sunset:   8:00 PM  
Moon Rise:   7:12 PM  
Moon Set:   11:21 AM  
Have a Safe Day!


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