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Monday, October 31, 2011

Brown Bear Molt ©CAndersonTX

Hallo Bay Bear Camp
Bear Molt
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Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Species: BROWN BEAR Ursus Arctos
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Latitude, sex and age influence molting of hair in the brown bear.  Brown bears replace their hair annually.  In general, adult males begin to molt first, followed by young males and other lone individuals; females with dependent young molt last.  Molt is generally complete by late July or August.  Color, color pattern, and general appearance change markedly over time.  Quimby and Snarski found that dark colored bears predominated in spring and fall, whereas lighter color predomate during summer.  They attributed these trends to differenences in timing of emergence, sex-specific differences in color, bleaching, and observability. Rausch, Troyer and Hansel examined spring hides with rub marks suggesting that molting may begin at emergence from dens; they noted substantially less rubbing in the fall.

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