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Thursday, June 10, 2010

WEATHER: Thursday 06.10.10

June Daily Weather Report
Hallo Bay * Homer

Homer Webcams

HALLO BAY (observed weather from Camp: 07:00am)
58º 34.062 N, 153º 54.053 W
Weather Conditions: Partly Cloudy
Visibility: 40 miles
Ceiling: 3,000+ feet
Wind: 1 mph out of NW
Wind Gusts: to 3 mph
Current Temp: 43F (6.1c)
High Daytime Temp Yesterday: 65F (18.3c) UV Factor

Barometric Pressure: 29.93 Steady
Outside Humidity: 86%
Rainfall: 0.00 Total inches last 24 hours
Rainfall: 0.93 Total inches for June
Rainfall: 1.51 Total inches since May 21, 2010
Observed Sea Swell off Beach: 1.0 feet
Actual Sunrise: 5:04 AM AKDT
Actual Sunset: 11:37 PM AKDT
Civil Twilight Sunrise: 3:33 AM
Civil Twilight Sunset: 1:09 AM
Moon Rise: 3:29 AM
Moon Set: 10:30 PM
Moon: Waning Crescent, 3% of Moon illuminated
Length of Visible Daylight: 21h 35m
Length of Day: 18h 33m
Tomorrow will be 1m 44s longer
Explorer Frederick Schwatka started over the Dyea Trail on his way to start his examination of the Yukon River

TIGGER FORECAST: dreaming of cranes!

Lat/Lon: 59.7° N 151.5° W

Weather Conditions: Mostly cloudy with isolated showers. Scattered showers over the mountains. Highs in the 50F (10c). Lows around 40F (4.4c). Wind SW 10 to 20 mph
Actual Sunrise: 4:48 AM AKDT
Actual Sunset: 11:23 PM AKDT
Civil Twilight Sunrise: 3:16 AM
Civil Twilight Sunset: 12:56 AM
Moon Rise: 3:12 AM
Moon Set: 10:15 PM
Have a Safe Day!

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