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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Does Shooting Alaska Grizzly In Rear, Qualify As Self Defense?

Our Response To This News Article

Does shooting
an Alaska mama grizzly
 in the rear qualify
as self defense?


Our Response to Part 2:
(Hallo Bay)

"I suppose one could wonder if we are the exception with regard to bears or on the other hand perhaps one could look at our experience as a good example of how to be responsible for living and/or working in known bear habitat. For the last 17 years we have operated a small wildlife viewing camp from May to mid-October utilizing Weatherport (fabric type buildings) located on the Pacific Coast of Katmai National Park. We are well off the grid as the nearest road is 100 air miles distant. Our location is in one of the largest concentrations of brown bears in Alaska, yet in 17 years of operating we never had a bear damage our camp in any way, we have never had anyone injured by a bear and never had to destroy a bear for any reason. We do not utilize electric fences or pepper spray and bears are often observed moving through or near the camp area. How do we do it? I could sum it up in a few simple words "keep a clean house and yard and use common sense" and in this regard you will seldom if ever have encounter problems with bears. Now if we can do that 100 miles from the nearest road it should be real easy to do for those living on the road system unless one is just downright lazy, foolish or stupid to which unfortunately, there are no easy cures for those particular human characteristics."

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