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Monday, November 7, 2011

Last Days of 2011 Season by ©SLeibold

Hallo Bay Bear Camp
Last Days of Camp!
TOP: Brad taking down windsock
BOTTOM: Galley Woodstove
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Hallo Bay Bear Camp is designed to be a wildlife and Alaskan wilderness experience which offers a limited number of people the opportunity to walk amongst the giant brown bears. No one leaves without the feeling of a true wilderness experience and lives are touched by the memories made here.

The bear observation out in the field is conducted under the direction of our professional naturalist guides whose primary duties include the safety of our guests and the continued preservation of this unique area and its magnificent wildlife. Along with our guides, the camp personnel play a very important role in preserving this wilderness area. Unlike other operations which utilize bear traumatizing high voltage electric fences, rubber bullets and mace type sprays to discourage bears, Hallo Bay denies bears the opportunity to learn bad habits, but does not discourage their natural curiosity of their surroundings. Thus it is common to see bears in the camp, but in our many years of operation we have never had a bear cause damage. Hallo Bay personnel utilize the experience and the vast knowledge gained by many years along with lots of common sense to co-exist with these bears in a peaceful and serene environment.

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