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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Camp Update: by Simyra

gray paw Camp Update by Simyra:

It was a beautiful July morning. There were a few bears peacefully grazing in the sedge meadow. Off in the distance there was a very distinct sound coming from the far edge of the meadow. As we walked closer, we saw the movements of the rare and illusive lesser yellowlegs bird. We noticed that he was busily snapping off grass from the ground and placing the grass in his bill, he would jump up on a long piece of driftwood. He carefully and gently placed each blade of grass skillfully on the driftwood. We sat in anticipation, not understanding the mind of the illusive bird. After he flew off into the woods we walked over to the driftwood that he was so creatively focused on and to our amazement, we found what is pictured below.

Hallo Bay Bear Camp: Interesting Driftwood
Simyra © Hallo Bay Bear Camp

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