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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Field Notes: 07.04.10 from John

gray pawField Notes from John:

Mom and two youngsters greeted us at Bootleg Junction, we ran interference for them down to the beach. When they saw coast all clear they joined us at two marooned bouys whereupon she nudged and examined them, then took little ones clamming. In the morning, there were bunches of bears at the meadow. On way back to camp, we spied a leech with legs scramble off to the surf - better known as a river otter! ;-) Bunches more bears in the evening at the meadow - the rain didn't seem to bother them much. All bears spent most of day grazing. We're going to put bells on every fifth one - just to make sure where the herd is headin'. (not really)

-- Hey John, ...welcome back to Camp!

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